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Day to day life with MS Article

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can throw a lot of things into question about the future. One of these is your working life. For some, continuing with a day job is manageable with just a few adjustments. For others, varying symptoms and severities can cause challenges in the work environment. It’s different for everyone. If you’re wondering what decision to make, take a look at some of the advice and experiences of others living with MS below.

What work adjustments can I make?

If your MS symptoms are creating extra challenges at work, there may be ways that may help you adapt. If you’re in the process of considering your options when it comes to working with multiple sclerosis, here are a few things that could make maintaining your current job easier.

Work life adjustments

Take more breaks
A lot of people believe that the longer you work without a break the more productive you’ll be. This isn’t always the case, especially for those living with MS. Taking time out regularly can reduce fatigue and stress too. So make the most of those breaks! 

Consider flexible or reduced hours
Getting the right work/life balance could make all the difference to your multiple sclerosis and the ability to continue at work. Working flexible hours could help you manage your MS symptoms, arrange appointments with your MS nurse and reduce stress much more easily. 

Improve your workspace
Making small adjustments to the area you work in can have a huge impact on your ability to work well with MS. You could consider moving your workstation closer to the toilet or asking for a car parking space closer to the entrance. You could even use larger computer screens or adapted keyboards if you find computer work difficult. 

Talk to colleagues
It’s often a good idea to confide in a close work colleague and let them know about your condition. Your colleague may be then able to provide support at work if you need it – especially if you need advice and support when it comes to talking with your manager. 

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